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Where Pennsylvania stands on underage drinking

It is generally illegal in all of the United States for those under the age of 21 to consume alcohol. However, there are exceptions to this law in 45 states. These exceptions to the rule very widely; therefore, it is important for everyone, especially those under the age of 21 and their parents, to fully understand the alcohol consumption laws in the state that they are in.

Abstaining from alcohol is the best way to prevent DUIs

Millions of people across the United States enjoy having a drink before driving home. In the majority of these cases, the driver is responsible enough to ensure that he or she is within the legal limit, and he or she is able to drive home safety without running the risk of being in an intoxication-related accident as a result. However, there are also instances when drivers, whether knowingly or unknowingly, are above the legal BAC (blood alcohol concentration) limit and are driving illegally.

Campus Assault: Protecting the Victim and The Constitution.

In many ways, the university campus is an intermediary between high school and the real world. However, just because a crime takes place on a campus, does not mean that it is exempt from the laws of the United States. Campuses across the country however have processes and policies to deal with incidents that are reported to have happened on campus. These policies are often codified in a Student Code Of Conduct.

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