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Public Drunkenness : A Primer for the Uninformed

The summary offense of Public Drunkenness is one of the citations most frequently issued to students at Penn State. The elements of the offense are essentially being found in a public place while manifestly under the influence of alcohol to the degree that one is unable to care for himself or presents a danger to others.

When a night out ends with a DUI all is not lost

Many Pennsylvania residents are busy trying to cram as much fun as they possibly can into the final weeks of summer. For some, this includes meeting friends at local restaurants or pubs for a few drinks, good food and pleasant conversation. Others are a bit more active in their pursuits, driving to nearby lakes or shores for beach parties and cocktails on hotel balconies. Either way, there's certainly nothing wrong with imbibing alcohol in a social atmosphere if you are of legal drinking age, but it could definitely become a  problem if you get behind the wheel of a car and wind up facing drunk driving charges.

DUI Charges Can Include Drug Impairment, Too

A common misconception that many drivers harbor is that you can only get slapped with a DUI charge after a night drinking at a bar or party. However, the truth is that police officers can give you a DUI for driving under the influence of illegal, and legal, drugs as well.

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