Receiving a petty misdemeanor for a traffic violation

There are two main categories into which crimes can be separated. The more severe of these categories is known as a felony, and the less severe is known as a misdemeanor. Within these main categories, there also exist sub-categories. A petty misdemeanor is the least severe category in its class, but it is more serious than what is called an infraction.

If you receive a petty misdemeanor charge for a traffic violation, then it is essentially an infraction, but it is also punishable with a fine. Therefore, it is likely that you will have to pay a significant sum of money. However, petty misdemeanor charges are usually no more than a fine of between $200 and $300. Crucially, it is good to note that a petty misdemeanor does not result in a criminal record for the person charged.

What kind of traffic violations are considered as a petty misdemeanor?

Many traffic violations can be considered as petty misdemeanors. You can be charged with a petty misdemeanor if you are caught driving over the speed limit. You can also be charged for a parking violation, for example, if you are wrongly parked in a disabled space. Occasionally, charges like this can be disputed, for example, in a circumstance when a disabled person forgets to show his or her disability permit in his or her car when parking in a disabled space.

Other violations can include reckless driving, or not obeying the speed limit around school areas. If you are confused about your petty misdemeanor for a traffic violation, it is a good idea to fully research your circumstances.

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