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Should you walk home from the party?

Most Penn State students know that they should not drink and drive. Operating a vehicle with a blood alcohol content (BAC) of .08 or above can result in DUI charges and serious consequences. This threat of criminal charges, and the high risk of accident and injury, may influence students to walk home after a night out instead of driving.

Crime at Pennsylvania State University

When you are attending a university in any part of the country, it is always good to know key statistics about the college, especially when it comes to crimes. It is important that you feel safe in the university that you attend, as well as understand what the process is if you ever become the victim of or accused of a crime.

Your protections and on-campus violent assault

When an assault or violent interaction happens on-campus, the incident may be dealt with by campus officials before the police are involved. This can mean that victims of assault can feel concerned or worried that the incident that they unfortunately had to experience will not be taken care of appropriately.

Are there exceptions for drug charges at college?

Being caught in the possession of drugs, with the intent to sell drugs, or being caught in the act of selling drugs is a serious crime. However, many students believe that they are safe to engage in this type of activity on campus, since they believe that the consequences of such activity is much more relaxed.

Campus Assault: Protecting the Victim and The Constitution.

In many ways, the university campus is an intermediary between high school and the real world. However, just because a crime takes place on a campus, does not mean that it is exempt from the laws of the United States. Campuses across the country however have processes and policies to deal with incidents that are reported to have happened on campus. These policies are often codified in a Student Code Of Conduct.

Colleges should not be naive to on-campus domestic violence

College campuses are full of young relationships, and students discovering who they are for the first time. It is when they are in their first relationships that they begin to establish patterns and boundaries of what type of behavior is healthy and what is not. We are quick to talk about on-campus rape and its frightening frequency, however on-campus domestic violence rarely gets discussed or addressed.

Decriminalization of Marijuana within the Borough of State College

The Borough of State College last year adopted a new ordinance prohibiting the possession of a small amount of marijuana. This allows local police to charge persons in possession with an ordinance violation rather than a criminal misdemeanor.

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