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When is speeding classified as reckless driving?

Most of us would like to identify ourselves as safe and careful drivers, but it is likely that there are occasionally times when we drive one or two miles above the legal speed limit. This might be because of an increased acceleration due to traveling down a hill, or just because we did not keep a close eye on our speed as we were traveling down the highway.

The different types of traffic tickets

When you are driving, there are many rules that you are obliged to follow by law. This is because you are privileged as a driver, and in addition, you have the potential to present many dangers to other drivers and pedestrians. Therefore, it is important that you obey all laws, so that you keep the road safe and avoid getting a ticket.

Texting and driving in Pennsylvania

Engaging in distracted driving is a broad term that refers to many different types of behaviors. Distracted driving is any type of behavior that prevents you from having full focus on the road and your safe driving. It may be talking on the phone, engaging with other people in the car and indeed texting while driving.

The Difference Between Dismissal and Expungement

When you are charged with any suspected crime ranging from summary offenses to felonies, the case will be recorded as an active criminal charge on the state judiciary website. If you have the charges dismissed for any reason, you will face no legal consequences. However, potential employers may see that you were once charged with a crime and they might hold this against you. The only way to truly clear your record is by going through a subsequent procedeure known as expungement.

Is driving without carrying a valid license illegal?

Let's say that you get stopped on a routine check by the police while driving. You do not have your driver's license on your possession. Driving without your license is not illegal, but it is likely that you will be asked to prove that you do indeed have a valid driver's license within a certain time-frame, or face a fine. Driving with no valid license whatsoever is always illegal, however, and carries serious consequences.

Receiving a petty misdemeanor for a traffic violation

There are two main categories into which crimes can be separated. The more severe of these categories is known as a felony, and the less severe is known as a misdemeanor. Within these main categories, there also exist sub-categories. A petty misdemeanor is the least severe category in its class, but it is more serious than what is called an infraction.

What are strict-liability offenses?

Traffic tickets are extremely common, and a reality for many people in the U.S., considering that 90 percent of people over the age of 16 have a driving permit. However, because of the huge role that driving plays in our day-to-day lives, and because of the dangers associated with it, many laws have been put into place, and the violation of these can lead to a traffic ticket.

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