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If you're a college student charged with a crime, it's important to hire an experienced attorney to defend you. Criminal charges can have a lasting impact on your life, and I work hard to keep young people from being defined by one mistake. I launched my practice, the Law Office of Ronald F. Saupe, in 2005, in part, to defend Penn State students. My office is based in State College, and I serve Centre County and surrounding areas in Pennsylvania.

In addition to criminal defense, I also work cases involving:

  • Real estate
  • Small business general counsel

I offer free consultations, and work to keep my fees low. I am the only attorney in my office, meaning you will work directly with me. You won't have to worry about being passed around to other attorneys or paralegals.

Why You Need An Attorney

If you're a student charged with a crime, you need a lawyer on your side. Some issues may seem like minor infractions, but without the proper defense, they can affect you well into the future. You don't want a conviction on your record when you are looking for your first job or internship.

If you plead guilty to a crime or are convicted of a summary offense, the conviction will remain on your record for a minimum of five years. I work to get you the best deal possible given the charges. I rarely encourage my clients to plead guilty to a summary offense, and can help students charged with these types of offenses.

Free Consultations And Low Fees

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