Client Reviews

Review Ronald Saupe

“Great lawyer, even better guy. Looked out for my best interest and worked hard to get the result I hoped for. Would recommend him to anyone who needs a lawyer.”.

Great Lawyer

“Mr. Saupe wasted no time at all getting on top of my case. I felt that he was very honest and helpful through the whole process. Everything that he said would happen did happen. I do not want to have to make anymore visits to Mr. Saupe in the sense that I don’t want to have any more legal issues. But I would definitely recommend Mr. Saupe over any other lawyer in the State College area.”.

Ron Saupe — Landlord/Tenant Matter

“Ron was very knowledgeable and familiar with local laws regarding our landlord/tenant matter. He took our case with little notice and appeared in court on our behalf very well prepared. He followed our direction well while guiding us within the local guidelines.”.

Extremely Happy With Attorney Saupe

“Attorney Saupe was extremely effective with our case. He made the entire family feel at ease during our trying times. He reviewed all of the possible outcomes with us and we got the best outcome possible. He knew the situations that would arise and the people involved. We highly recommend Attorney Saupe.”.

Client Review Of Ronald F. Saupe

“Helped in two low-level misdemeanor violations. Had both dropped and expunged in exchange for community service and one counseling session.”.

Great Lawyer, State College

Ronald Saupe helped me when I got charged with public drunkenness and an underage. He was very informative and great to talk to. He knows a lot about the area and has a lot of great ideas for PSU. Mr. Saupe is a great guy and is very trustworthy and easy to talk to. He gives great advice for young students who want to stay out of trouble. He always responded very quickly and represented me excellent in court. I would recommend him to anyone, specifically students who need representation.”.

Excellent, Couldn’t Be In Better Hands

“Three criminal charges were filed against my 20 yr old son, PSU student. Ron was the perfect person to help us through this and offer clear solid caring advice. He believed in my son and treated him with respect. He got all three charges dropped with nothing on my son’s record. It was harrowing, and we owe Ron our long term gratitude.”.

Review Of Mr. Ronald F. Saupe

“Mr. Saupe was very professional, knowledgeable, and understanding. When I first met with him, he listened to my situation and responded nonjudgmentally; he did not make me feel like a “bad kid”. He offered his advice and filled me in on what typically happens in a case like mine. I felt relieved knowing that I was in the hands of someone who understood the law so thoroughly and who was genuinely concerned about me.”.

Review Of Ronald F. Saupe Attorney At Law

“I contacted Mr. Saupe on a recommendation of a former client. The case that Mr. Saupe represented us in involved my son who is a student at PSU. My son was approached by police as he was walking on campus one night. The officers asked my son if he had been drinking and he said yes. At the time he was approached he had no alcohol in his possession. He was administered a Breathalyzer test and issued a summons.

I immediately contacted an associate who referred me to Mr. Saupe

Mr. Saupe immediately had an excellent grasp of the situation including all local and state laws involving the relevant issues.

Beyond his legal knowledge Mr. Saupe treated my son with dignity and compassion. His genuine caring attitude and way with my son was very welcomed, especially with my wife and I being 350 miles away.

He treated my son like he was his own and that personal treatment is something that Mr. Saupe I believe will bring to every situation. I highly recommend Mr. Saupe and if you have any questions please call me at 908-616-0529.

AV | Preeminent | Ronald F. Saupe | 2013