What are the laws for marijuana in Pennsylvania?

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State laws differ widely when it comes to the status of the law on marijuana. These laws are also subject to rapid change and are difficult to keep track of.

In Pennsylvania, the state Senate is preparing to pass a bill that permits the use of medical marijuana for the first time. However, use for any other purpose is still prohibited. This blog contains a brief overview of where the law stands in Pennsylvania when it comes to marijuana.

Pennsylvania law and marijuana

Marijuana is currently illegal in Pennsylvania, and this includes possession, selling, distribution and growing. Polls are showing a high amount of support for the legalization of pot in Pennsylvania, and there is a bill being processed to legalize it. The law might be subject to change in the not-so-distant future.

Pennsylvania marijuana charges

The following are the provisions for Marijuana possession, sale, and trafficking:

  • Possession under 30 g: 30 days and/or $500
  • Possession over 30 g: One year and/or $5000
  • Sale over 1000 lbs: up to 10 years and/or $100,000, or the full amount of the drug profit made

Subsequent offenses

A subsequent offense of possession over 30g can lead to three years’ jail time and possibly a fine of $25,000. Double penalties are applicable if a person is convicted of a subsequent charge for selling or has been found guilty of selling to a minor.

Legal guidance

Marijuana laws are constantly changing and it is important to keep up to date to see how the law applies to you. You should seek trusted legal guidance if you have any questions or concerns.

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