Criminal charges can put the brakes on your child’s future

On Behalf of | May 20, 2020 | College Crimes |

You’re proud of your child going to college. However, criminal charges can put your child’s hard work in jeopardy, and the consequences of a criminal conviction can follow your child for life.

Fight to protect your child’s dreams

It might be tempting for you to take a tough love approach. You may simply shrug charges off as “kids being kids.” Make no mistake. Whether it’s an underage drinking charge, a possession of marijuana charge, or a shoplifting charge, all criminal charges are serious and deserve to be met with a serious response.

The potential consequences of a criminal charge are far-reaching. Your child faces possible expulsion from school. Your child may lose financial aid and scholarships. Landlords will be reluctant to rent to someone with a criminal record. Employers may decide your child isn’t worth the risk.

Fortunately, your child has rights, both in the criminal justice system and in any campus disciplinary proceedings It might be possible to have the charges dismissed or reduced. Your child can fight to remain in school and retain their scholarships. You should discuss your options with an experienced attorney.

A single mistake shouldn’t haunt your child for life

While college students may be legal adults, their decision-making skills often don’t reflect their age. Your children are going to make stupid mistakes. When those mistakes land your children on the other side of the law, the stakes are high. Help ensure a bright future doesn’t get derailed before it’s even begun.