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Cocaine possession in Pennsylvania

Being found with any type of drug on your possession should be taken very seriously, especially when in Pennsylvania. The state of Pennsylvania is stricter than most when it comes to drug laws, and being found in the possession of cocaine is treated much more harshly than the possession of marijuana, for instance.

When is speeding classified as reckless driving?

Most of us would like to identify ourselves as safe and careful drivers, but it is likely that there are occasionally times when we drive one or two miles above the legal speed limit. This might be because of an increased acceleration due to traveling down a hill, or just because we did not keep a close eye on our speed as we were traveling down the highway.

Legal limits on underage DUIs

As a driver under the age of 21, you have a higher risk of being involved in a car accident, whether under the influence of alcohol or not. Therefore, the law tries to limit these occurrences as much as possible by enforcing stricter rules for drivers under the age of 21.

Can you defend against allegations of reckless driving?

Most everyone feels rushed and in a hurry at some point during their lives. For exceptionally busy individuals, these feelings may happen multiple times a day. If you find yourself in such a predicament, you may want to speed up some of your tasks in the hopes of squeezing in more productivity during the day. However, if you choose to speed while behind the wheel of a vehicle, your life could slow down in more ways than one.

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