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How to defend yourself against a drug charge

When you have been accused of possessing drugs or you have been found in the possession of drugs, you will likely be worried about how serious the consequences could be. The consequences can be serious enough to affect your entire life, but the charge will depend heavily on the type of drug you had in your possession and the quantity.

What are the consequences of reckless driving in Pennsylvania?

When you are a driver on the roads of Pennsylvania, you have certain legal obligations in order to keep other people on the road safe. Many of these obligations will be obvious: You should refrain from driving over the designated speed limit, you should not drive under the influence of alcohol and you should generally obey the rules of the road.

Understanding the texting and driving ban in Pennsylvania

We all know that when we are behind the wheel, we shouldn't be using our cellphones at the same time. Horror stories of fatal car crashes that occur while using Snapchat or updating Facebook statuses are rife in the media, yet most of us are still tempted to catch a quick glance of our screens every time we hear our phones buzz.

Explaining a drunk driving checkpoint in Pennsylvania

Law enforcement officials across the state of Pennsylvania routinely conduct checkpoints to find drivers who are operating their vehicles under the influence of drugs or alcohol. These are known as DUI checkpoints. They most commonly occur on weekends and during holidays. They can also be held during the week. Either way, drivers should know what occurs during a DUI checkpoint in State College.

Just how pervasive is underaged drinking around graduation time?

Many students are often in festive moods as they celebrate finishing high school and begin their foray into adulthood. Although it may be illegal to do so, this marks a time in which many underage individuals may consume alcoholic beverages.

Surcharges after a Pennsylvania traffic ticket

When you are faced with a traffic ticket in the state of Pennsylvania, you may be confused about the fines and penalties that you are subject to. If you with to contest the ticket, you may also be unsure as to whether you should pay the fine and expect to have it reimbursed later.

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