5 safety tips for college students

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Being part of the Penn State college community can be an enjoyable experience, but it’s easy to gain a false sense of security when surrounded by fellow students. It’s important to know who you can trust and prepare for any potentially dangerous situation.

Whether you are freshman away from home for the first time, or a seasoned upperclassman, it’s a good idea to learn and review important safety tips.

Safety dos and donts

These safety tips can help you avoid putting yourself at risk:

  • Never walk alone at night: While there may be other students around or campus security is in the vicinity, walking alone in the dark can be asking for trouble. Always be with at least one other person.
  • Be familiar with campus: Freshmen students should especially take the time to learn their new surroundings, such as campus landmarks and streets. Most importantly, locate security offices and find emergency telephones, which are easily identified by blue lights on the Penn State campus. They are at various locations.
  • Leave a party when your friend leaves: Being alone at a party can place you in a vulnerable situation, especially when you decide to go home. Always attend parties and leave with at least one friend who you trust.
  • Avoid getting drunk and losing control: It’s much easier for others to take advantage of you when you can’t think or act rationally. If you are drinking, make sure you stop and think about the situation you may put yourself in if you drink too much.
  • List emergency contacts: Include important contact numbers in your emergency information on your smartphone, so hospitals can bypass your code and notify loved ones if you are admitted alone.

Be smart and safe while attending PSU

The hope for every student is to have a successful and fulfilling college experience and taking precautions like these will help you achieve your goals. However, risky behavior can not only put your safety at risk, but it can also increase the chances that your behavior will lead to disciplinary measures, including arrest. An experienced defense attorney here in Pennsylvania will help protect your rights if you face potential criminal consequences from authorities.