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Your protections and on-campus violent assault

When an assault or violent interaction happens on-campus, the incident may be dealt with by campus officials before the police are involved. This can mean that victims of assault can feel concerned or worried that the incident that they unfortunately had to experience will not be taken care of appropriately.

The different types of traffic tickets

When you are driving, there are many rules that you are obliged to follow by law. This is because you are privileged as a driver, and in addition, you have the potential to present many dangers to other drivers and pedestrians. Therefore, it is important that you obey all laws, so that you keep the road safe and avoid getting a ticket.

Are there exceptions for drug charges at college?

Being caught in the possession of drugs, with the intent to sell drugs, or being caught in the act of selling drugs is a serious crime. However, many students believe that they are safe to engage in this type of activity on campus, since they believe that the consequences of such activity is much more relaxed.

The consequences of drunk driving as a college student

As a college student, you may or may not be of drinking age, but you are likely to socialize and consume alcohol in groups of people that are both over and under the legal age of 21. Although it is illegal to drink under the age of 21 pretty much regardless of the circumstances, (one exception is if you are calling for medical assistance on behalf another underage drinker) you are unlikely to receive a harsher penalty than a citation and community service.

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