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Drinking and driving may lead to an ignition interlock device

If you are a Pennsylvania college student age 21 or older, it's not necessarily illegal for you to consume alcohol then drive. Most traffic safety analysts would agree that it's not a good idea; however, just because you do it, does not necessarily mean you are breaking the law. Of course, it's one thing to have a beer with friends after classes let out for the weekend on campus and quite another to get inebriated at a frat party then try to drive yourself home.

Public Drunkenness : A Primer for the Uninformed

The summary offense of Public Drunkenness is one of the citations most frequently issued to students at Penn State. The elements of the offense are essentially being found in a public place while manifestly under the influence of alcohol to the degree that one is unable to care for himself or presents a danger to others.

Decriminalization of Marijuana within the Borough of State College

The Borough of State College last year adopted a new ordinance prohibiting the possession of a small amount of marijuana. This allows local police to charge persons in possession with an ordinance violation rather than a criminal misdemeanor.

The penalties associated with underage drinking

An underage drinking conviction comes with more severe punishments than you might immediately assume. A basic underage drinking charge is not considered a misdemeanor or felony in Pennsylvania, but it is what is referred to as a non-traffic summary offense. As such, it can result in the suspension of your drivers' license, stiff fines and even jail time.

What are strict-liability offenses?

Traffic tickets are extremely common, and a reality for many people in the U.S., considering that 90 percent of people over the age of 16 have a driving permit. However, because of the huge role that driving plays in our day-to-day lives, and because of the dangers associated with it, many laws have been put into place, and the violation of these can lead to a traffic ticket.

Why are DUI regulations more stringent for CDL drivers?

You probably celebrated when you joined the ranks of Pennsylvania residents and workers who carry commercial driver's licenses. Perhaps getting your CDL was just the break you were waiting for to get a good job to help pay off your college loans. You might also be one of many commercial vehicle operators who enjoys being on the road, traveling and meeting new people every day. As you prepared for your CDL test, you no doubt learned about various regulations that are somewhat different (and stricter) than those governing non-commercial driving.

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