Abstaining from alcohol is the best way to prevent DUIs

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Millions of people across the United States enjoy having a drink before driving home. In the majority of these cases, the driver is responsible enough to ensure that he or she is within the legal limit, and he or she is able to drive home safety without running the risk of being in an intoxication-related accident as a result. However, there are also instances when drivers, whether knowingly or unknowingly, are above the legal BAC (blood alcohol concentration) limit and are driving illegally.

Many people make the mistake of having one drink too many, and their life can change as a result. They may lose their license as a result of being over the limit, or even worse, they may get into an accident because of their intoxication. The following are some of the consequences of driving under the influence of alcohol and why abstaining from alcohol altogether is usually the best decision to make.

Alcohol affects the decisions you make

Alcohol has a profound affect on human behavior, even when only a small amount has been consumed. It means that drivers are more likely to take risks, and they become more dangerous drivers. The negative effects of alcohol can only be completely omitted when a person abstains completely.

The legal repercussions could ruin your life

If you are accused of driving under the influence of alcohol, then it is important that you take the charge very seriously. It could result in the revocation of your license, and affect the way that you live your life, as well as have implications on your career prospects.

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