What’s the normal cost of a speeding ticket?

On Behalf of | Oct 23, 2017 | Traffic Violations |

Getting a speeding ticket has to be one of the most common markers of a bad day. Of course none of us ever intend to speed, but getting caught driving even slightly over the limit is enough to invoke a hefty fine.

Speeding is most often regulated in areas where a large number of multi car crashes of pedestrian and vehicle incidents with the threat of a fine serving as a deterrent for unsafe driving. Whatever the reason for your speeding was, the fact is that you will likely have to pay the fee.

Speeding tickets are extremely common, with 1 in every 6 Americans receiving one each year. The cost of the ticket will depend on the situation. It can very greatly depending on the state that you were driving in and the speed that you were driving at.

Driving too fast can definitely cost you money here in Pennsylvania. Not only can the fines be quite costly, but you can rack up points on your driver’s license that may make your auto insurance prohibitively expensive. If you accrue enough points in a short span of time, you could even face driver’s license suspension. If you challenge your ticket in court and lose you will also be responsible for paying court costs.

A preventative investment could be to buy a radar detector to alert you when you are driving over the limit and a state trooper is lurking around the next bend. If you have an unpaid ticket or believe that you were unfairly issued a speeding ticket, you should speak with your legal advisor about how to proceed.

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